Katatu - Winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award
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Katatu - Winner of the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2012
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Katatu - Winner of the 2012 Game of the Year Award - Child Creative Magazine
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Katatu - Winner of the Dr. Toy Best Picks of New Products Award

KATATU wins Creative Toy 2011 Preferred Choice Award- Curtlin Toys and Games

The new game from Curtlin Toys and Games has won the 2011 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Toy and Creative Child Magazine.


PRLog (Press Release)  Jul 01, 2011 - KATATU, the new startegy board game from Curtlin Toys and Games was honored with the 2011 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine for abstract board games.  Over 100 teachers, professors, musicians,  moms and dads reviewed, played and discussed over a long weekend to select the toys and games for the 2011 awards. Curtlin Toys and Games is just about to release this brand new game that is already creating a 'buzz' and is available for pre-order on amazon and will be in local toy stores in the DC metropolitan area.

Curtis Paul, COO of Curtlin Toys and Games, said "CTAG published XTREME TAKEOVER, battle of the Xiacons in 2009 and sold out 5,000 copies in less than a year so we are very excited about KATATU getting into the stores.  We believe KATATU is one of those core games that children should have since variations of the game have been played for over 3,000 years. Like Chess, Checkers, tic-tac-toe or even  Connect Four, the game is 100% strategy based and provides valuable lessons of strategic game play".

KATATU takes a few cues from tic-tac-toe, but is much more in-depth and has three phases whereby you place, slide and can fly to capture your opponents game pieces which are cleaverly designed as bubblebees and grasshoppers on a very usefull magnetic game board.  Curtlin even provides a 'bug bag' to carry the game pieces making the game portable and great for on the go or vacation entertainment.

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Curtlin Toys and Games provides fun interactive board games that will entertain your family and kids, but will also be educational.

KATATU from Curtlin Toys & Games selected By TDmonthly Magazine's Staff Pick for August

KATATU the new board game from Curtlin Toys and Games was selected by TDmonthly Magazines editorial team as an August issue Staff Pick.


 PRLog (Press Release)- KATATU the new award winning game from Curtlin Toys and Games has been recognized by Toy Directory Monthly Magazine (TD Monthly) as the Edititorial teams August 2011 Staff Pick.  TDmonthly  Magazine reviews and publishes articles on many toys and games and has a readership of over 20,000 retail subscirbers.

KATATU just last month won the Creative Childs Magazine Preferred Choice Award 2011 for new games and toys.  KATATU is a new strategy board game that is based off a 3000 year old game that has roots from South Africa.

The game is eduactional and teaches children to keep an eye on the entire game board while utilizing many types of strategies during the three phases of game play: Place; Slide and Fly.  The game is also magnetic, portable and features the 'cutest' Bumble Bees and Grasshoppers as playing pieces.

For more information please go to or visit youtube and type 'KATATU" and see one of our many videos

Creative Child Magazine Award 2011
Katatu has been awarded 
the 2012 Creative Child Magazine 
Game of the Year Award!